Why are Traditional Festivities so Important for South East Asian Population?

The world is a big, beautiful place. What makes it beautiful is the culture, the people, the festivals. Exploring new cultures is exciting, educational, and adventurous- all at the same time.

If you want to acquaint yourself with new cultures, you should definitely visit South East Asia. The region is exploding with cultural richness and history. And when you fly back, don’t forget to take souvenirs for friends and family. For leaving Singapore gifts, check out Forbidden Hill.

For experiencing the uniqueness of a culture, you need to look at its cuisine, music, arts, and festivities. Festivals actually are the window to the heart and soul of a culture. From local food preparations to the most impressive representations of local art and music, festivities pack it all! Traditional celebrations connect people with their culture, their history.

Even though we live in a well-connected, no-boundary world, South East Asian population holds culture very close to its heart. Festivals are a major way how. From January festivities like the annual Bo Sang Umbrella Festival, the Kachin Manaw Festival, and the Sinulog Festival to the ones that make December lively like the Lake Toba Festival and Giant Lantern Festival, the year-round calendar is marked for colourful carnivals and awe-inspiring light processions.

And, here’s why festivals are integral to keeping cultures alive:

It Helps You Stay Connected.

Whether you have moved to another country or another continent, celebrating festivals keeps you from forgetting your roots, your traditions. It is not just the festival day that reminds you of your culture, but the days leading up to it do, too. You are absorbed in preparations at least a week or two in advance. It is quite exciting as well!

It Helps You Share Your Culture.

Traditional festivals are the best way to introduce your friend from the exchange program or your colleague or your neighbors if you stay abroad for work or education. Intercultural exchanges are an excellent opportunity to get a glimpse of other cultures.

So, you can invite your inter-racial friends to enjoy moon cakes back at your place during the Mid-Autumn Festival and dress up for Halloween!

Let’s look at a couple of upcoming festivals from the South Asian calendar:

Deepavali or Diwali.

The Hindu communities in Malaysia and Singapore celebrate Diwali or the Festival of Lights. The streets and homes are decorated with colorful lights for the festivity. A neighborhood bedecked for the festival looks exquisite.

Boun Lai Henu Fai.

In Thailand, the festival is marked by illuminated boat processions along the Mekong River. The giant bamboo rafts elaborately lit with countless lanterns are a sight to behold.

Final Words.

If you are planning a South East Asian vacation, participate in the local festivities of the region for an immersive experience!

In case Singapore is on the list of to-visit places, you can shop for leaving Singapore gifts from Forbidden Hill.

Author’s Bio: The author is an avid blogger and very proud of her South East Asian roots. The article is about Why are traditional festivities important for South East Asian population?




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